Ceremonies, Funerals and Memorials

Just as we have ceremonies for baptisms, graduations, and weddings, we have funeral and memorial ceremonies that allow family and friends to gather and pay tribute to a unique life that has been lived. When someone close to us dies, we need to complete this relationship and say good-bye. The funeral is a ceremony for the living that allows friends and relatives to offer comfort and support to one another and permits a time for expression of feelings to help us accept the reality of our loss.

Times change, and old ways of doing things are replaced by new and better ways. In response to an ever-changing world, we are continually updating and improving everything we do for the families we are privileged to serve.

WE PROMISE to help create meaningful ceremonies that celebrate the lives of those who have died and bring comfort and healing to the living.

Keep in mind that the funeral is a meaningful event that can help ease the pain of separation that naturally accompanies death. It is a time of sharing good memories and experiences with your family and friends. It is a time when respect, concern and appreciation for a life that has been lived can be expressed in a sincere manner. The funeral is an experience of value and when properly planned can provide lasting satisfaction and comfort to the survivors. Our professional staff can assist you in planning and coordinating all of the details. We will explain all of the options.

Our only criteria is that what you select, and we conduct, be done in good taste. Our sincerest hope is that you and your family will be comforted by our efforts.

We know that death often comes at a time when survivors are least prepared financially. We solicit your frankness in these matters and assure you that our policy is to assist in every way possible. We are happy to assist in matters of veteranís and Social Security benefits, life insurance procedures, and probate.

Role of the Funeral Director
When a death occurs, there are many decisions to be made. Our funeral directors are trained and licensed to handle all technical arrangements and to counsel on many personal aspects of a funeral. Funeral directors provide service in many areas including: professional services, facilities, and automotive equipment.

Professional services include:

removing the deceased from the place of death and transfer to the funeral home
embalming and preparation of the body for the viewing and ceremony and/or caring for and sheltering the body prior to cremation
obtaining the necessary and required legal documents
consulting with the family, minister, celebrant or facilitator, and others to make arrangements for the ceremony
assisting in composition of obituaries for placement with appropriate media
contacting the cemetery or crematory
providing comfort and understanding to mourners before, during, and after the ceremony
providing staff for visitation or memorial reception and the ceremony

Facilities include:

providing shelter for the body and arranging for a place for visitation or memorial reception and the ceremony.

Automotive equipment includes:

the use of cars available to the family such as the funeral coach (hearse) and/or sedans for the family and pallbearers.

The Role of Ceremonies

When a life ends, we need to acknowledge that a death has occurred before we can begin the process of grief and adjust to the loss. A funeral ceremony and visitation with the body present or a memorial ceremony and memorial reception without the body present helps survivors to accept the death and begin the grieving process, along with receiving needed support and comfort from other family members, friends and the community at large.

A ceremony may take many forms. Whether the ceremony is held at the funeral home, a place of worship or other appropriate venue such as a park or the familyís residence, it should meet the needs of the surviving family. We can help you with any special requests that will personalize and add meaning to the service.

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